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My tree just arrived - now what?

Pick up your trees from the mailbox as soon as they arrive. Open the box and put your trees in a cool, shady spot. It is best to plant your trees within two days however you can store them for longer if you need to (around 35-45 degrees F is best). Please refer to our plant care section for more instructions.

How do I care for my tree?

 We have a whole blog dedicated to tutorials guiding you through every step of the growing process. Please refer to our plant care section for more helpful information!

What is a bare root tree?

A bare root tree is sold in its dormant state with only the root stock wrapped in moisture holding material, usually during the fall or early spring. Bare root trees are easier to store, ship, plant, and are much more affordable than potted trees. See our blog post on this for more information.

Can I pick up my tree at your nursery?

Absolutely! We are currently only selling trees for local pickup via curbside pickup. Please send us a message once you place your order and we will make sure to have your trees ready! Please note that due to Covid-19 we may not be able to help you load your trees into your vehicle.

What payments do you accept?

 We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Can I purchase a large amount wholesale?

 We would be happy to work with you! Please contact us for more information.

When do you ship trees?

 We ship bare root trees in the late fall and early spring. This is the only time to plant as the root stock is in its dormant state. The earlier you purchase your trees, the better the price and the more likely that we will have it available, as we sell out of most of our inventory. 

How do you ship your plants?

 We ship our plants through UPS ground. They will arrive in a long and skinny cardboard box, with the roots carefully wrapped.

When will my order ship?

 If you pre-ordered a bare root tree, it will ship in the late fall or in the early spring, depending on when you ordered it. Certain potted trees and shrubs can be shipping at other times (since we don't have to uproot them from the ground) and will ship within a week of you purchasing them.

Can I track my order?

 Absolutely! In your order confirmation email there is a confirmation number along with a link where you can check on your orders shipping status.

Can I cancel my order?

 If your order hasn't been processed yet, we are able to cancel or exchange it for you! Please contact us as soon as possible!

What do I do if my plants were damaged during the shipping process?

We ensure that every plant is properly packaged and cared for before we send them across the country to you! However, we understand that sometimes glitches in the system do occur and we are here to help. 

If you see any damage to your plant upon opening, please take some photos of the box, the plant, the root system all in different angles. Send us the photos and a message to and we will guide you through the steps of getting it healthy again. In rare cases where the plant was completely damaged we will make sure to make it right by either sending you another plant or a full refund.

Can I return my plant?

 Due to the sensitive nature of bare root trees we do not offer returns. However, if you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us and we do our absolute best to make it right!

Can you tell me about your Healthy Happy Plant Guarantee™?

 Our Healthy Happy Plant Guarantee, ensures that you are getting the highest quality plants. We pride ourselves on doing the best for our plants and only ship the most vibrant and happy plants who are looking for their new home. If you are not satisfied with your plant upon arrival please get in touch with us right away. 

A plant is a living organism which requires proper soil, watering, lighting, and pest protection to name a few factors. Please note that if you are not following our plant care, we cannot be held liable. If you are having issues with your tree and would like to get in touch with us, please do so here.

Help, my question wasn't answered here!


Oh, sorry about that! Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question.

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