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Black Locust

Black Locust - Flowering Sun Nursery

Black Locust

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Robinia pseudocacia

While black locust is often overlooked, we can't overstate the usefulness of this tree. It grows in locations that most other trees have a hard time thriving in, it is a nitrogen fixer, and an astonishingly hardwood tree. It has fragrant white blossoms hanging in clusters that appear in April and May, and then mature into a flat, straight to slightly curved seed pod that can be up to 5 in long. The flowers are a favorite of honeybees and hummingbirds, and are also edible to humans (they taste like peas!) Being a hardwood, it is an amazing species for fence posts, building materials, and other outdoor applications. They can also be cut again and again, as they sprout back from the stump vigorously. Black locusts are sometimes used for erosion control, as they will grow in difficult areas where other trees will not grow well as long as they are not waterlogged areas.


Warning: Black locust is considered an invasive species due to its hardiness and high self seeding capabilities. We do not believe, however, that they are harmful to the environment, and on the contrary are incredibly useful, beneficial, and unique trees.

Family: Fabaceae

Type: Tree

Zones: 3-8

Mature Size: Height - 30 -50 ft Spread - 20-35 ft

Native Range: Eastern and Central United States

Water: Dry to Medium

Sun: Full Sun, tolerates light shade

Soil Type: Well drained, can tolerate a wide range of soils, best in moist, organically rich loam