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Chinese Pear

Chinese Pear - Flowering Sun Nursery

Chinese Pear

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Pyrus pyrifolia

One of the hardiest Asian pear varieties, this upright, spreading tree produces delicious, firm and juicy yellow fruit in summer. It flowers profusely in early spring with stunning clusters of white flowers with pink anthers along the branches It has dark green foliage throughout the season which turns an outstanding tomato-orange in the fall. The fruits are showy yellow pears which are usually ready for picking in late summer and have a sweet taste and a crisp texture.

It tolerates atmospheric pollution, excessive moisture and a range of soil types if they are moderately fertile and established plants are drought tolerant.

Common Names: Sand Pear, Chinese pear, Ussurian Pear, Harbin Pear, and Manchurian Pear

Latin Name: Pyrus pyrifolia

Family: Rosaceae

Type: Tree

Zones: 5-9

Mature Size: Height: 15 - 30 feet   Width: 10 - 25 feet.

Native Range: E. Asia - China.

Water: average to evenly moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing water.

Sun: grown in full sunlight or light shade

Soil Type: not particular as to soil type or pH