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Chinese Yellowhorn

Chinese Yellowhorn - Flowering Sun Nursery

Chinese Yellowhorn

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Xanthoceras sorbifolium

Yellowhorn is a much overlooked, but truly special tree. A small, deciduous tree with edible, dark green leaves that turn bright yellow in autumn, it is both beautiful and useful. The white with red or yellow center flowers are fragrant and edible, and provide a lovely addition to a salad. The seeds are also used for food, and it is a great nectar plant, especially for bees. It has a fairly long life span, and can be grown as a small tree of a shrub, excellent for lining a driveway or patio with it's beautiful big clusters of flowers.

It can tolerate very dry conditions once established, making it a great tree for areas prone to drought.

Recent studies showed that these nuts are packed with beneficial polyphenols (micronutrients) that are powerful for digestive digestion issues, weight management difficulties, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular diseases just to mention a few.

Common Names: yellowhorn , chinese flowering chestnut, wen guan guo

Latin Name: Xanthoceras sorbifolium

Family: Sapindaceae

Type: Deciduous Shrub

Zones: 4-7

Mature Size: Height-8 to 25 feet Spread-10 to 25 feet

Native Range: Northern China

Water: Medium

Sun: Full Sun

Soil Type: Prefers loamy soil. Very adaptable with a tolerance for a wide range of growing conditions.