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Hybrid Chestnut

Hybrid Chestnut - Flowering Sun Nursery

Hybrid Chestnut

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Castanea dentata x mollissima

Chestnuts are an unusually useful tree and possibly a very important crop in the near future. They begin to produce crops annually beginning at a very young age sometimes as young as three years old. They are a highly nutritious wildlife magnets and make a tasty and filling snack for humans too! Chestnuts differ from many nuts in that they are very low in oil (2%). They spoil easily when fresh but keep for years if dried properly. They have excellent protein, similar to both beans and maize making them a nutritional superstar. Fresh chestnuts can be roasted or go into stuffing, and dried chestnuts can be ground for flour and used in bread and pasta. Chestnut trees tend to have good nut crops every year, unlike oaks and walnuts, which tend to have some years of heavy production ("mast" years) mixed with some years of very small crops.

Chestnut wood is attractive and lighter than oak but strong for its weight. It's as rot resistant as redwood or cedar and has fibers that are quite desirable for paper making. The bark and heartwood used to be the US's single most important source of tannic acid.

Common Names: Chestnut

Latin Name: Castanea dentata x mollissima

Family: Fagaceae

Type: Tree

Zones: 5-9 

Mature Height: 30' - 50'

Soil Type: Well drained soils are preferable, but can adapt to most sites