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Paw Paw 1-2'

Paw Paw 1-2' - Flowering Sun Nursery

Paw Paw 1-2'

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Asimina triloba

Paw Paws are a native fruit tree to the eastern United States. They have long been loved by those people who know of them, however during the rise of industrial agriculture they were ruled out as a viable crop due to their short storage life. The fruit itself is delicious and more like a tropical fruit than other northern fruits. It has beautiful long oval shiny leaves which turn a gorgeous  yellow in the fall. 

It can grow as a tree alone or a multi-stemmed shrub. You can find stands throughout the east however it is not as common as it once might have been due to the changing forest landscape and clear cutting. Wild fruit can be 3 to 6 inch inches long but is generally on the smaller side. Our seeds come from orchard projects where they have been selecting trees for good fruit for a couple generations.  It is an understory tree, however it can be grown in full sun.

It has deep roots and prefers to be in the ground in a permanent home as soon as you can get it there. Like many plants in the perfect conditions it will grow faster and thrive however it is tolerant of many soils. Our farm has mostly hardpan, extremely rocky soil and it grows fine. However, it grows better in our nursery beds which are raised with compost, manure and wood chips. We highly recommend the paw paw as a tree to add to your forest garden, yard or orchard.

Common Names: Pawpaw, paw paw

Latin Name: Asimina triloba

Family: Annonaceae

Type: Tree

Zones: 5-9

Mature Size: Height- 15 to 30 feet Spread- 15  to 30 feet

Native Range: Southeastern United States

Water: Medium to wet

Sun: Full sun to part shade