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Siebold's Magnolia

Siebold's Magnolia - Flowering Sun Nursery

Siebold's Magnolia

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Magnolia sieboldii

Our favorite magnolia, especially for the small garden!  This excellent large shrub-small tree flowers late April - July, with sporadic blossoms into early August. The flowers are ivory white and 3-4" in size  with bright red/orange centers. The pendant flowers are followed by brilliant pink seed pods like little lanterns. Siebold's magnolia is native to forested areas in Japan, southeastern China and Korea and is an excellent understory magnolia for part-shade areas of the landscape. And in addition to the gorgeous blooms, Siebold's magnolia produces oval fruits which turn carmine in autumn and are quite eye-catching when framed by the yellow autumn foliage. Great for woodland gardens, woodland margins, fairy wonderlands, courtyards, and small garden areas.

They are generally intolerant of soil extremes (wet or dry), preferring to have consistent and regular moisture throughout the year,  and appreciate being well mulched. They may be well grown in a protected area on the northern side of houses, to avoid southern exposure (which may induce the buds to open too early in the spring, or scorch the foliage in hot climates) but can be grown in full sun in cooler climates.  They also appreciate being protected from strong winds and cold temperatures (winter hardy to USDA zone 6)

Common Names: Oyama Magnolia, Siebold Magnolia

Latin Name: Magnolia sieboldii

Family: Magnoliaceae

Type: Deciduous Shrub/Small Tree

Zones: 6 to 8

Mature Size: Height and Spread of 10-15 ft

Native Range: China, Japan, Korea

Water: Medium

Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade

Soil Type: Best grown in moist, fertile, slightly acidic, organically rich, well-drained loam.  Intolerant of poor soils.